Hernias are somewhat common and can affect patients of all age ranges. A hernia is not something that is guaranteed to never reappear after treatment. They can come back at the same site of the fixed hernia, or develop in an entirely new area of the body. Hernias can happen for a number of reasons, but there are factors that can make a patient more likely to develop them. When these factors are present, the patient may be at risk for suffering from multiple hernias. When an initial operation to repair a hernia was not totally successful, they may reappear in the same location. Hernia revision surgery is necessary when this is the case. The renowned team of hernia experts at Hernia Surgery Los Angeles can provide the best in initial hernia treatment and hernia revision surgery if you suffer from multiple hernias for any reason.

What is a Hernia?

A hernia is a condition in which an organ or tissue protrudes through an opening in the surrounding muscle or connective tissue that holds it in place. Hernias occur when there is an excess of pressure placed on the area, causing the tear in the tissue and the protrusion of the organ. They most commonly develop in the abdominal region and are normally accompanied by discomfort and possible pain, along with a visibly noticeable bulge. There are a variety of types of hernias with different causes, locations, and symptoms.

What Causes Multiple Hernias?

A patient may suffer from multiple, or recurring, hernias for different reasons. The reasons are most often:

Risk Factors in a Patient – There are certain factors that can make it easier for one to develop and raise the odds of having multiple hernias. These include:

  • Pregnancy – Pregnant women have a higher likelihood of developing a hernia. The pressure associated with pregnancy can often lead to a hernia.
  • Smoking – People who smoke are more prone to hernia development. The nicotine found in tobacco weakens the abdominal wall, and the frequent coughing that comes with smoking can put pressure on internal structures.
  • Weight – When people are overweight or obese, the excess weight is constantly applying pressure to the abdominal wall and other structures.
  • Natural Weaknesses – Some people are predisposed to having a weaker abdominal wall or fascia. This weakness requires treatment from an expert in order to make recurring hernias less likely.

Prior Hernia Treatment – If a past hernia treatment was unsuccessful, the tear can reopen and the hernia may reemerge. If the previous treatment resulted in an infection or there was an improper internal repair of the hernia, the chances of the hernia returning are greatly increased. Some surgeons outside of Hernia Surgery Los Angeles may use techniques that can be ineffective in permanently treating hernias, which can lead to an unsuccessful treatment and the need for additional surgery.

The hernia experts at Hernia Surgery Los Angeles specialize in hernia revision surgery for correcting previously unsuccessful treatment attempts. They make sure the hernia is properly repaired and unlikely to return. Since hernias will come back until they are properly repaired, it’s important to seek treatment from an expert like those at Hernia Surgery Los Angeles.

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