Hernia surgery is very common, however not always successful.  Unfortunately with hernia surgeries, revision or secondary surgeries can be necessary.  Recurring hernias can occur for a number of reasons.  At Hernia Surgery Los Angeles, our expert hernia surgeons have an extremely low rate of required revisions compared to the national average.  We pride ourselves on taking every step to ensure that your hernia operation has the highest probability of success.  If you have had a hernia repaired elsewhere that now requires hernia revision surgery, call the hernia revision experts at Hernia Surgery Los Angeles today.

When is Hernia Revision Surgery Required?

Hernia revision surgery is required when the initial operation to repair the hernia was not totally successful.  This can happen for a number of reasons.  At Hernia Surgery Los Angeles, most of our hernia revision surgeries are performed on patients who have had prior hernia surgery at a different center or facility.  Sometimes surgeries by other doctors are improperly executed, making it more likely for a hernia to recur.  At the same time, revision surgery may be required because of initially unforeseen factors.  The doctors at Hernia Surgery Los Angeles know the importance of discovering the reasons why a hernia is recurring.  Once the cause is discovered, our surgeons are able to come up with the best method of surgery and treatment.

Some possible causes include:

  • Improper internal repair – Some surgeons may use what’s called an overlay mesh to repair the hernia.   Basically, they attempted to fix the rupture by simply patching it up.  This technique can be effective in certain scenarios, but is likely to fail if improperly implemented.  This is a common cause for hernia recurrence.
  • Weak Fascia – Hernias may sometimes be caused by a weakness in the tissue that surrounds an organ.  Surgeons will usually go in to repair the hernia and identify the weakness that has caused it.  Unless properly fortified during the initial operation, this same weakness may lead to another hernia in the area.  It can be common for this weakness to be unrecognized in the patient during the initial procedure.
  • Infection – Everything needs to fully heal following surgery in order for the hernia to be appropriately fixed.  If the patient gets an infection in the area, then the necessary tissue may not properly heal.  A patient can get an infection for a number of reasons, including unsterilized materials at other surgery centers.

How is Hernia Revision Surgery Done?

At Hernia Surgery Los Angeles, our doctors must first figure out the reason why the initial surgery was not successful.  Some patients may have already undergone several unsuccessful hernia revision surgeries elsewhere.  Our surgeons will make every effort to fix the hernia for good. If the cause is an infection, our surgeons will first make sure all infected materials are removed and that the bacteria causing the infection is wiped-out.  Once the likely factors are identified, the operation to repair the hernia will be performed.

Hernia Revision Surgery FAQ

Listed below are some frequently asked Hernia Revision Surgery questions. Should you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Q:  I’ve already had hernia revision surgery elsewhere, but I need it again.  Shouldn’t I have it done by the same doctor?

A:  At Hernia Surgery Los Angeles, we have a very high success rate with hernia revision surgery.  Doctors at other centers may not have the experience or equipment necessary to fully diagnose and treat the cause of a recurring hernia.  If you require hernia revision surgery, it is highly recommended that you seek the best available care.  If you need revision surgery, call to schedule an appointment today.

Q:  I’ve had hernia surgery, what can I expect from revision surgery?

A:  Hernia revision surgery is not unlike normal hernia repair surgery.  Sometimes, the same methods used during initial hernia operations are used for revision surgery.  This may involve similar hernia surgery recovery time and post-op pain.  Because it is a reoperative area, there can be scar tissue which makes the procedure more involved.  As far as the patient is concerned, the only main difference with hernia revision surgery is the identification of the reasons why a hernia is recurring.

Q:  How long after revision surgery will I feel pain?

A:   Just like with normal hernia surgery, the operations can be done in a minimally-invasive way, reducing pain and discomfort following surgery.  You will most likely be prescribed pain medication.  It is common to feel the most pain or discomfort on the 2nd or 3rd day following surgery.  You should feel little discomfort after the first week or so.  Things like icing the incision area can help reduce pain and help the healing process.

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