An epigastric hernia is a type of hernia that occurs in the upper abdomen when tissues protrude through a weakness in the abdominal muscle. Although hernias are a somewhat common condition, affecting adults, children, and newborns, epigastric hernias account for approximately 1% of all hernia cases.

Those suffering from a hernia in this region will likely have to undergo a surgical procedure to repair the hernia.  Fortunately, the extremely skilled surgeons at Hernia Surgery Los Angeles are highly experienced with treating all types of abdominal hernias. If you or someone you love has an epigastric hernia, contact our world-renowned team today by calling 888.418.2082 or by visiting our contact page.

What is an Epigastric Hernia?

An epigastric hernia is basically a hole in the abdominal wall located above the navel in the abdomen and below the breast bone/xiphoid. Fat and other tissues can become trapped inside the hernia, causing pain and possible damage. In some extreme cases, organs may protrude through this opening in the abdominal muscles. This type of hernia will usually present itself as a lump below the skin. This lump may also appear to change in size throughout the day and when in certain positions.

Who can get an Epigastric Hernia?

Epigastric hernias are often seen in newborns as a result of development defects, but can affect adults as well. This type of hernia forms in adults due to an excess in abdominal pressure, congenital factors, or a combination of both. The abdominal pressure of pregnancy is a known cause of epigastric hernias.

What are the Epigastric Hernia Symptoms?

Not all epigastric hernias are symptomatic outside of the visible chest lump. However, some can be quite painful and can result in further damage to tissue. Since symptoms associated with an epigastric hernia can become worse with time, it is advised that you seek the medical attention of a hernia expert as soon as a hernia is expected.

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Epigastric hernias will not heal without medical intervention. If you suspect or have been told that you are suffering from an epigastric hernia, contact Hernia Surgery Los Angeles today by calling 888.418.2082 or through our contact form.